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CEO's Monthly Report

One matter of considerable concern arises from new Chief Executive – David Hammond’s earlier attempt to better inform the public as to his and Council’s activities. He announced at the outset, with considerable applause (and some justified scepticism!) from the media bench, that his Monthly Report would no longer be in the Public Excluded section of the meeting – one up to open government!

Unfortunately, what was once an informative and useful document covering every aspect of the Council’s operation, albeit in a compact format, has now been reduced to a one and a half page in ‘super compact’ format that is about as useful as a barrel load of monkeys in terms of keeping everyone informed. One can only assume that he has developed some other means of communicating with councillors – semaphore perhaps. I had the view that taking it out Public Excluded was a bold move in any case given that it had always contained considerable legal information in particular that of necessity needed to remain privileged.

But that stuff could still be separated out while allowing the public access to the general information that is essential to enable the public to better understand the internal working of their Council. One and one half pages and half a dozen headings just does not cut the mustard in terms of “keeping the public informed”, and I would strongly suggest that our incumbent reconsider the manner in which he presents his report in order to accomplish what he originally intended.   




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Can someone please explain in this thread how exactly is Mr Hammond better at running the workings of Council than Mr Ruru was??

July 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDream On

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