Coromandel Watchdog (2)
Monday, July 30, 2012 at 4:52PM
Bill Barclay

I see that CW had a strategy meeting over the weekend. They will need to get their house in order pretty quickly as they may have become a little complacent over recent times, and Brownlee and Heatley are making aggressive 'front foot' noises about by-passing the hearings process.

It would not come as a shock were they CW to take legal action regarding  the cavalier manner in which Council has dealt with provisions of its Memorandum of Understanding on the implementations of SNA’s (Significant Natural Areas) in the District Plan. Council decided on 21 June to only include public land, and private land where there is a conservation covenant.

CW has expressed its belief that the MOU places a much greater obligation on Council over the entire Peninsula. The final shape of the Plan is imminent, and promulgation set for October.




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