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Te Ururoa Flavell's Pokie Bill

Everyone around the Council table on 27 June had a go at Te Uroroa Flavell’s One Armed Bandit Bill. And it was interesting to note who was lining up behind continuation of the Trust control - Keith Johnston in particular, but all the other National stalwarts swung in behind. Diane Connors made some fatuous remarks in favour of a Council appointed distribution Committee, but that caused the dry horrors amongst most of the others. Strat Peters talked, and talked but no one was any the wiser, and for a moment it appeared that he was advocating the removal of the ‘sinking lid’ policy.

Everyone agreed that the 'Snouts in the Trough' era had to end, but most wanted the trusts to 'self police' - faint hope. Although several, including Cr French, wanted to ‘sit on the fence’, in the end they decided to stay right out of it.

I am reminded of the time we inspected the list of grants made within this District a few years ago. It will surprise no-one I guess that most of the money went to golf clubs to buy incredibly expensive green-keeping equipment. Never mind that they don't want pokies within coo-ee. The way in which the trusts have operated has been one of the great New Zealand scandals for years, regarded by successive governments as a veritable 'tar-baby'. Good luck to Te Uluroa - I hope he gets it up.




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