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Community Board Plans

Today's Press Release on the subject follows. It seems that Area Managers are to be required to develop plans - the only problem is that plans of this nature establish expectations, and just where the money will come from has not been properly explained. Area managers will naturally become quite competitive in terms of getting projects funded for their areas, and it is they who effectively will  litigate priorities.  

It does need time to bed-down, and I guess we should postpone judgment in the meantime. But the potential for disappointment and resulting frustration remains - there is just no possibility that much more can be done without substantial local funding, and there is no real indicatiuon of a willingness to accept such charges. There will need to be continuing vigilance against attempts to spread the cost of pet projects District-wide, as in the case of the multi-million doillar Whitianga town-upgrade. 

Community boards have been given more say on a number of local facilities under the restructured council. Parks and reserves, harbour facilities, cemeteries and local economic development are among the areas that will be managed locally with strong direction from community boards. To allow them to carry out this responsibility, each board will develop its own ‘community board plan’, taking into consideration existing community plans, with guidance from Area Managers.

Community Board Plans will be the board's plan of action – but will also be visionary, to give staff direction on the longer term goals for their area. All community boards will be developing their community board plans over the next few months. Tairua-Pauanui Community Board was told it will need to consider its priorities overall and by each activity, which means they will need to give reasonable detail on areas including parks and reserves, harbour facilities, cemeteries and more.

The board will attend a workshop in August to identify its priorities for Tairua, Hikuai and Pauanui. Another workshop in September will consider budgets. Specific matters requiring consultation can be covered via the draft Annual Plan consultation in March next year.

TCDC’s Senior Strategic Planner Katina Conomos says local blueprints haven’t been adopted by the council but we’d like to hear from the boards whether there are local initiatives they would like considered from these.



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