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District Plan Update

Herewith today's Press Release on the subject:

Major work is continuing to ensure the District Plan review project is ready for public consultation in October.

“We’re mindful of the need to simplify the District Plan to cut unnecessary red tape but at the same time to keep protecting those qualities that make the Coromandel a special place” says Mayor Glenn Leach. “This district plan review project gives the public a chance to tell us what they want to see happen in their communities.”

The district plan is the core land use management document for the council and has to meet the requirements of the Resource Management Act while also respecting the unique needs of the people, land and resources of the district.

The district plan team has already been involved in pre-consultation meetings with vested interest groups including Coromandel Watchdog, the mining industry, the Waikato Regional Council, DOC and Hauraki iwi groups.

“The feedback so far has been mainly positive,” says District Plan manager Leigh Robcke reporting back to council and community board representatives. “Everyone has different agendas and it’s about meeting with everyone, listening to what they have to say and achieving positive outcomes.”

We’re aware there are major issues within the district plan review project that will need strong consideration. These include the management of coastal areas, mining, subdivision and economic development as well as the preservation of landscapes and biodiversity.

As well as public consultation meetings, fliers and pamphlets are going to be distributed to provide more information around the key resource management themes that we’ve identified as most relevant in our district.

These include:

    Community Outcomes
    Settlement and Development
    Subdivision and Natural Hazards
    Coastal Areas and Landscape
    Rural Areas and Biodiversity
    Residential and Recreational Areas
    Commercial and Industrial Areas
    Transport and Utilities
    Historic Heritage and Significant Trees
    Tangata Whenua

Remember the draft district plan is only a draft to have something to talk about. It can easily be changed and no doubt will be as conversations continue. In mid-2013 we will release the “proposed” version of the draft plan, which includes changes from the comments everyone has made.

Sounds good - but by golly it does take an age to get finalised. I don't think CW will be mollifiedd when it finally emerges, but it will be interesting to see if the  "pre-consultation meetings" have born fruit in that regard.  They had a "strategy meeting last Sunday when I am sure some of these issues would have been discussed.



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