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Swimming Pool Regulation

Hammond introduced a woman at the 8 August Council who he said he had brought from Ruapehu, allegedly on a two month contract to implement the requirements of the Act, claiming that she "had done a great job" at that Council. Watch this space to see if she acquires a longer term appointment before the two months is up.

Interesting - she replaced one of the most effective operators within the Council structure - none other than Jacqui Ellis who had only recently been placed in the new Regulatory/Enforcement Manager position that was specifically created under the new structure. Jacqui was responsible for implementing the swimming-pool by-law from the previous Council, and was recognised as having done a magnificent job. But she did tread on a few toes -  there are councillors who have come under pressure from ratepayers who do not like the by-law, and who have resisted every step of the way. One councillor was heard to state prior to the election that he would 'sink the by-law'. 

I have been  reliably informed that following considerable frustration over the new structure that she told Hammond where to put the job, and resigned two weeks ago. She was promptly replaced by this person from Ruapehu. I have since been informed that this person was previously brought to Ruapehu from elsewhere by Hammond. This move possibly results simply from respect for her abilities, but nevertheless, it constitutes unacceptable HR practice.

It now turns out that an animal control officer is being brought from the North Shore, once again apparently by-passing normal recruitment procedures. That is where Hoadley operated from before parachuting into Thames, and she has 'history' in the animal welfare area. It raises the question as to whether she may be behind the move to hand over the Pound activities to the SPCA here in Thames, and bring all the enforcement and control activities in-house. This could prove very expensive, and of course it places employees under considerable pressure from councillors responding to rateplayer complaints.




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