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Speaker Race

I was surprised to see the following in a post by Cameron Slater on Whaleoil today regarding the race for the Speaker's job whenLockwood Smith leaves for London:

"Aside from Scott Simpson, Maurice (Williamson) is my oldest friend in caucus. He has many virtues that Scott doesn’t have, like ethics and a sense of theatre. Maurice is the first man to put on a debating team, a brilliant entertainer and a real raconteur".

Surprised, because Slater has in the past claimed Scott as a "best mate", and supported him strongly in the race for the local nomination. There have been suggestions since then that things now may not be quite as sweet, but clarification is absent as to what may have caused the breakdown in their relationship. Those who cross Cameron generally come in for fairly strong treatment, and he is often a little opaque.  

Anyway, just a straw in the wind. I only recently met the guy, and found him pleasant enough with a good sense of humour about his place in caucus. Seems to doing a decent job - well as much as is possible for a first- termer.  



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