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Climate Change v. Fluoridation


Well yes - I draw your attention to an article which appeared today on p.A9 of the NZH "In the heat of battle" when outlines the reasoning behind the throwing out of the case brought in the High Court against NIWA by the so-called NZ Climate Science Coalition - the blanket used by the deniers and sceptics who have diverted NIWA's attention  from its real task over recent years in the interests of getting their schonky science accepted.

Leaving aside all the nonsense that has been widely promulgated, and that has caused such doubt in the minds of otherwise reasonable people, there is a reference to author and journalist Gareth Renowden who runs the Website Hot Topic. He is quoted as saying that "My feeling is that climate change is going to become so undeniable over the next few years that these guys are just going to be totally irrelevant". He could have added that they are likely to look just plain stupid in the face of the mounting evidence.

Renowden says that the court ruling won't chasten them - " I think the psychological term is 'epistemic' closure'. What this means is that they have created for themselves a sort of reality bubble, in which they can only approach the issue from their own pre-established conception of what the issues are".

He refers to the same phenomenon of Facebook - people on Facebook live in their own bubble of friends and acquaintances (he could have added 'reality'), and thinks this is true of the sceptic web - suddenly science is deniable and the fact that the Arctic is melting is not important. 

I put all this out there because I see the same thing with those who are passionately opposed to fluoridation , and who are determined to expand their numbers so as to be able to influence decision making on the subject through the promulgation, again, of totally false science. God help us if the same argument has be fought out in the High Court - that would be a hoot!



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