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New Chum's Up Again

I am back in the saddle, and first up is today's PR from TCDC on the latest revised application for New Chums. 

This will need very close examination. Readers of previous posts on this subject (see Alpha Index) will be aware of the severe misgivings held in regard to this development, and in particular, the blithe manner in which many have suggested Council funding for acquisition of the land to enable it to be turned into reserve. Hopefully, such suggestions will be absent from whatever is now being proposed, though it is inevitable that we will be subjected to another round of emotional claptrap.

Amended application for New Chums Development

04 September 2012

Coastal Land Trust Holdings has formally lodged an amended application with our Council in regards to the proposed development at New Chums (Wainuiototo) Beach

The original application proposed 20 residential rural lots ranging in size from 1,520m2 to 23,043m2.

This has now been amended and reduced to 12 lots consisting of 2 large rural lots and 10 rural residential lots ranging in size from 1500m2 to 126ha.

The eight sites removed from the application sat within the Wainuiototo (New Chums) catchment. The 12 sites being proposed (for the construction of 11 additional dwellings) are on Te Pungapunga Station, Te Punga Road (Quarry Road). This is within the Whangapoua drainage catchment.

Other key changes in the amended application include:

1. The removal of two parent titles from the application ((SA29D/773 and SA 537/221), which reduces the subdivision from 333.6ha to 217ha

2. An esplanade reserve will be created along New Chums Beach to vest in Council as Local Purpose Reserve

3. The Pa Site will remain on a separate title, no longer protected by a Conservation Trust but protected under a Heritage Covenant.

4. The removal of all boat houses from the application.

5 . An access bridge across the Pungapunga Rivers is proposed, located 50m upstream from the ford. Consent has already been obtained for this bridge from Waikato Regional Council.

6 . The amount of existing vegetation to be covenanted will be reduced from 215ha to 111.36ha.

7 . Proposed revegetation to be coventanted is reduced from 34ha to 23.85ha.

The revised subdivision plan shows the new configuration of titles, easements and covenants. In particular where larger house lots have been created where previously there were smaller lots set in a large common area.

Council is now reviewing the amended application to see whether it differs enough from the original application to warrant a totally new publically notified application.

Should it not be publically notified all of the original submitters on the first application will be given the opportunity to resubmit on the amended version.



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