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Freedom Camping (6)

The headline in today's PR on Freedoim Camping says it all - "By-law amendments aim to get illegal campers into camp-grounds". 

This is unequivocal and refreshing. It is totally useless beating around the bushes on this issue - it is exactly as stated - getting the un-serviced vans off reserves - road and otherwise, and into camp-grounds where the van occupants are able to take advantage of the available conveniences.

This issue has been twisted beyond measure throughout the consultation, and the Motor Caravan Association has been guilty of wild distortion of what it was our Council was endeavouring to achieve. No one wishes to interfere with the legitimate "rights" of MTA members, but the involvement of the Chen Palmer legal group was a blatant attempt at intimidation that failed, and Mayor Leach's response entirely justified.

Now it appears that several other councils are following the TCDC lead, and we can expect to see similar by-laws enacted throughout the country. That will remove the blatant threat of the MCA to recommend against its members touring in this part of the country - a deplorable state of affairs with regard to an organisation with a reputed 40,000 membership - nothing short of bullying.  

The sooner the Council Schedule review is undertaken, and the entire provisions of the By-law implemented, the better.  Sensitive, and rational application of the rules by the newly appointed in-house bylaws team will be critical in ensuring the success of the By-law, and widespread public support.  



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Reader Comments (1)

Bill, perhaps you should explain to your readers why Council opted not to pass its original bylaw proposal and is now reviewing its entire approach...nothing to do with bullying, rather a realization that they (Councillors) may not get away with passing an unlawful bylaw.

Have you read the legislation and bylaw? The bylaw, as it currently stands, absolutely interferes with the rights of responsible citizens, who will be fined $200 on the spot for nothing more than parking overnight. If no one wants to interfere with these rights then the solution is pretty simple......

September 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames Imlach

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