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Whitianga Waterways & MBSC - The Minogue Version.

Following on the last post, these are the additional comments that Dal Minogue appended to his 'time-line' that he sent to all councilors on 2 January 2013, and that has put a cat amongst the pigeons.

Links follow to the various letters that he wrote to Ruru over the years that provides back-up for the claims that Dal has made, and that no doubt many would rather see 'go away.' Well it is too late for that - there are continuing and substantial issues - some of which are raised in comments on the previous post: 

Who would be at fault then? In the first instance the context for a political shemozzle was created by the Lux / Whitianga Waterways Deed which was signed without the knowledge of the Council of the time (although I believe Hewlett was made aware of it, and agreed to it) or by its Chief Executive Steve Ruru. Hence it was never put before the Council for ratification, nor was any approval for it sought from the Council as a whole. That is an audit issue in it-self and should really be referred by you to the OAG, not to Deloittes.

However, after that 'carnal moment', there can be no doubt that Mclean must be considered mostly to blame. He was the 'instigator' following on from that. However, he could not have done what he did without a hopelessly non-functional CB who simply rubber stamped his actions; an Area Manager (McCormick) who was herself overwhelmed by the issue and significantly intimidated by Mclean; a consultancy firm (Opus Architecture) who were out of their depth in the political environment Mclean created; a disinterested Ruru who thought he would let Mclean waste time instead of confronting him early on when it mattered; and a completely hopeless relationship between myself and Barriball, who was also out of her depth on this matter, simply deciding to put her trust in Ruru at my expense. 

The matter went cold between 2007/8 and 2010 due to Ruru just not attempting to renegotiate the Lux / Whitianga Waterways Ltd Deed as he was happy to mark time (the Deed was going to renegotiated at some later point anyway due to various changed circumstances relating to their subdivision). Reignition of the issue came in 2010 because a community protest group had been established (2009/10) that became increasingly active in the Press asking why the sports complex had not progressed after promises made by the Community Board - and probably due to the fact that an election was looming. Hence the appearance of the MBCB business case asking for the 10 hectare Moewai Rd option to be implemented by the Council early in 2010. 

It must also be said that your Mayor (Leach) embroiled himself in the matter on Mcleans behalf. When I released public copy of Ruru's correspondence confirming that the $14 million McLean claim was nonsense, McLean claimed in response that I was being deliberately dishonest because I had not released all of the correspondence written by Ruru and was therefore guilty of "altering a document" at his expense  (it was nonsense, the rest of the document added nothing except confirmation to what was already said). Leach then turned this into a claim that I was undesirable as an elected representative as I had "falsified a document" and he ensured personally that this claim was blasted over local media for several days just as voting papers were issued, an action that eventually ensured his own election as Mayor and Mcleans election as a Councillor at my expense.

Given that, I doubt your Mayor's ability to be objective about this issue. And how are any of you going to separate his politics from the truth, assuming that at least some of you might want to do that?

Still, if this correspondence is passed on to Deloittes, there may be at least a better chance of the truth emerging.

This is the correspondence - I have appended them in full in the interests of total disclosure, though I am sure that many readers will choose to skip some of the content. It is framed in the manner necessary to ensure compliance with the Act, in particular, the Notice of Motion in item 4.

Overall, it indicates the extraordinary lengths to which Dal was prepared to go in order to have the matters concerning the Sports-complex reviewed, and steps taken to extract the Council from the absolute mess that had been created by the notorious Lux deed. And it must give rise to questions regarding the manner in which the issues were handled by Ruru, Barriball and the Council(s) as a whole.

As a member of the Audit Committee of the second (2007-10) post Lux Council I have particular interest in the manner in which Dal's request for the matter to placed on the Audit Committee agenda was handled.  This will doubtless emerge with any thorough investigation. 

Extract from letter to Steve Ruru dated 13 July 2008

Extract from letter to Steve Ruru dated 9 August 2008

Extract from letter to Steve Ruru dated 18 August 2008

Extract from letter to Steve Ruru dated 27 April 2010



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Reader Comments (1)

Never have been a real big fan of Minogue BUT there is little question in my mind that he has touched on a raw nerve about MBSC and it beggars belief as to way the 2007-10 Council didn't pay heed to him at the time. A little research shows me that Strat Peters was Audit chair at that time - did he or Ruru or both decide not to run with Minogue on this one?
My rates would appear [from looking in from the outside]to be set to esculate over this debacle. Are not my fellow Mercury Bay ratepayers worried or do they think houdini Leach will sort this one out. I reckon that the rate increase will screw any chance Hammond has in bringing the TCDC rate down to the 'national average' [ what ever that is]
Well done Minogue - it is unfortunate that the HH reported on your outbursts at Council and not what would appear to be your commonsnse approach to such a thorny issue in 07-10- [though I guess hindsight is a marvellous thing!]!
Would be most interested to hear/read what some those councillors/board members in that 3 year period have to say - maybe Noel Hewlitt may be able to provide an insight or former Board Chair Murray McLean - or Audit chair Strat Peters - somebody needs to stand up and be counted - especially if my rates are going to move up as a result of this MBSC problem

January 16, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPipi

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