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Moanataiari Follow-up

I indicated in my 31 December 2012 post that there was some very disturbing correspondence between the three parties to the Moanataiari Agreement, and undertook to publish this material in the New Year, once again in the interests of transparency, and more particularly in order that readers have the opportunity to judge for themselves just who is at fault over the handling of this extremely sensitive matter.

I make no comment - here is the correspondence:

1.   Letter from from Peter Buckley - chair of WRC dated 12 December 2012  Page 1

      Page 2

2.   Reply from Mayor Glenn Leach dated 21 December 2013

3.   Letter from Mike Mendonca - Secretary of MfE dated 11 December 2012 Page 1

      Page 2 

4.   Reply from TCDC CE David Hammond dated 20 December 2013

And this is the pathetically biased (PR sourced) article that appeared in yesterday's Waikato Times. Those flacks at WRC don't muck around - they appear to be going for the jugular on this, though interestingly, I don't see any re-write appearing in today's HH.  Our own PR team should get busy and start putting out some reasoned defence for TCDC's stand on the matter., otherwise they will get 'walked-over' by their even better resourced, and connected colleagues over at WRC:

Waikato Times article



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