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Waikato 'Mystery' - Yeah Right!

The following is an extract from the 'Waikato Times' dated 10 October 2013:

"Speculation of push for greater council A push to radically reshape Waikato's local government landscape could be the first big issue confronting newly elected councils next week.  Local government leaders spoken to by the Times said there was growing speculation that a proposal to create a greater Waikato council would be presented to the Local Government Commission on Monday.  Regional council chairman Peter Buckley had heard the proposal was "in the works" but didn't know which group or individual was behind it. (Waikato Times, October 10 2013)"

You would have to have come down in the last shower of rain to believe Peter Buckley's claimed ignorance of where this move was coming from. 

But further light was thrown on the matter yesterday with the following "cut and Paste" from the NZ Property Council website - the Council n increasingly influential with Government:

"Property Council considers that the question of “where to put boundaries” should be a secondary question, of less importance than the overall issue of amalgamation. We recommend that when considering boundaries in the region, communities of interest should be recognised and accounted for. Hamilton, the region’s capital, with its population and concentration of productive wealth, would amalgamate with its neighbouring rurally focussed district councils. A single unitary authority would be formed, the “Greater Waikato Council”, (although we would like it to be called the “Great Waikato Council”) and it would undertake almost all functions currently carried out by several different councils. 

We have excluded Thames-Coromandel and Taupo District Councils from any possible amalgamation, as they deal with different issues from those in the rest of the Waikato - such as managing a lengthy coastline and seasonal tourism. A possible option is to link Thames-Coromandel District Council with the Western Bay of Plenty District Council as the two councils share a number of synergies. Thames-Coromandel District Council has also commenced an investigation to assess options for change, including the possibility of becoming a unitary authority in its own right."




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Reader Comments (1)

Yet another propaganda puff piece by the Property Council, a small self serving collection of private interests who see Council(s) as merely a tool for their own agenda.

Not sure how carving off the Taupo District would serve integrated resource management of the Waikato River system but environmental management probable does not fit with unfettered development of the built environment. Right up until a flood wipes out their commercial interests and then listen to the screams of indignation.

If the TCDC can be audited by the LG commission as the their fitness to operate as a Unitary Authority and it can be proven that this will not increase the burden in and out of the TCDC area then go for knock ya self out.

So far TCDC has shown to be inadequate in terms of governance oversight, strategic planning or even complying with their own consents. Perhaps that may suit the Unitary model after all:)

October 11, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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