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Tourist Tax???

The Queenstown attempt to endeavour to follow the Stewart Island initiative is very interesting.

A suggestion that this District follow this course with the advent of the Kopu Bridge some four years ago brought about derision amongst those 'in the know', and in Government. For one thing, any form of 'toll' on the road was contrary to the provisions of the Transport Act which restricts the use of toll revenue to road development.  That was the end of that bright idea.

Now Queenstown proposes an airport and hotel head-tax that would mean that road travellers would generally avoid the impost. 

Our Council should watch this development very closely. If they get away with it, it could well open the door to something similar here, but just how we would tickle the pockets of visitors, given the general method of entry to the District is moot.




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Well Bill I can answer your "how can they tickle the tourists pockets" question but will first ask you what industry is one of if not the leading tourism driver?? A clue? My post name will draw your attention to charter fishing. TCDC last year introduced ( some may say underhandedly) a $1 per person boarding fee for all charter boat operators to collect for TCDC. So not a charge for operators yet TCDC expect operators to collect , do appropriate paper work and bank and all for the privilege of what could be the most appalling facility in NZ. Nice one TCDC you can spend $4m on cycleway that only benefits the bottom of peninsular but yet cannot provide decent facility for an industry that the whole peninsular benefits from and charge them $1 pp for it!!! Only TCDC!!!

June 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterCharter Dude

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