WRC Chair Up For Grabs
Friday, October 18, 2013 at 1:28PM
Bill Barclay

This report appeared in the Waikato Times on 14 October

The total failure of Peter Buckley's One Waikato group to get up meant that any attempt to return to the top table would have been futile - even he must have realised that.

Hugh Vercoe is being coy, but should have a good shot, though Bob Simcock appears the front runner.

The big threat is from the mis-named 'rates control' team who won six seats out of the fourteen on Council - including our redoubtable Mr Graf. Jane Hennebry is confident that she can corral these cats sufficiently to nail the Chair - though for herself or fellow RC member Paula Southgate is not clear. 

Rates Control do appear opposed to to any suggestion of a 'One Waikato' Authority, and Graf has apparently threatened to walk if he cannot nail a Thames Coromandel Authority. He will be one difficult customer to work with - that is for sure. 

At this stage, I would think either Simcock or Vercoe as most likely - Hugh didn't desert Matamata-Piako to go in there and sit on his hands.




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