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Committee Chairs

Undoubtedly some delicate negotiations are under way concerning chairmanships.

Mayor Leach announced at the last meeting of the previous Council that he would establish a 'policy' committee in the new term, and possibly one other.

I would not be at all surprised if the policy chair was offered to Goudie in an attempt to keep her 'inside the  tent' - that would be in keeping with Glenn's style, and probably satisfy Sandra, for a time!

The other committees will probably be re-formed with the same chairs - McLean (Services) and Fox (Audit). It seems likely that Tony Brljevich will get Judicial - he is the only one who has passed the required chair exam.  

Peter French will undoubtedly return as Deputy, but future mayoral prospects have been dealt a severe blow with Goudie's majority. Peter will now realise that it is by no means a clear run, and that Sandra has real aspirations (though she will deny it!) to take over from Glenn. That will annoy the hell out of Glenn who has privately indicated a considerable dislike of Sandra and everything she stands for, and a strong preference to be able to hand over to Peter whose loyalty has been solid.

But if she wants it, she will get it - such is her standing amongst the local National establishment. 




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What was that Jethro Tull song?

October 20, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJA

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