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The Robinson Take on WRC

I would have to say that the Robinsons' take on what has happened at the WRC as the result of the election, which appeared in the Hamilton News, 17 October must rank as the most insightful to date.

What jumps out most of all is the incredible mis-calculation by the ex-mayor triumvirate of Simcock, Livingstone and Vercoe who clearly anticipated the inevitability of the move towards a One Waikato Authority. What a mistake - the advent of the six member Rates Control Bloc will ensure that this will only emerge through a deliberate, and contrarian move by central government. Such a move is not beyond the bounds of possibility, but it would need to understand that there would be a massive electoral price to pay - one which even a single-minded entity may be unwilling to risk. 

More to the point, what the Robinsons' highlight is that the likely occupant of the chairs are by no means a foregone conclusion - the RCT team will have a far greater say in the outcome that I gave them credit for in my 18 October post. They will be champing at the bit, and totally unwilling to accept the automatic assumption of power by ex-mayors by virtue of their previous status.

The Robinson's and I will continue to differ on the value of Clyde Graf's election, but his was a clear win, and this needs respect, though I will never agree with what I consider to be an utterly destructive stance on 1080. Ce la vie! He will certainly need to become more familiar with the actual issues before speaking out in the future, but the chances of an Eastern Waikato Authority have been immeasurably enhanced. We all now need to hold our collective breaths for the Morrison Law Report in order to see just how practical the proposal for a Thames Coromandel Authority turns out. 

As for Simon Friar - - he was dog-tucker long before the election, and so it turned out. I remember being indifferent to the man right up the Moanataiari Inquiry, and then developing an intense antagonism - his performance on that score was despicable - a performance correctly and effectively pilloried by Mayor Leach.

As the Robinsons' point out - "The balance of power has effectively shifted". And the "three Amigos" had better seriously consider their situation. In addition, the Mayoral Forum is hanging in the balance - it will never have the influence it previously exerted, and that is not a bad thing. There will be quiet satisfaction within the walls of the Castle on Mackay Street. 




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Reader Comments (1)

You may be right perhaps in the very short term. However, the gang of 6 is a disparate lot where the known players lack any real ability to lead or articulate any coherent vision or strategy. You can only say no so many times before people realise that the Emperor has no clothes. Jane Hennerbry as the spokesperson for the WRC? Wash your mouth out with diluted 1080.

Do not know anything about the new members but odds are they will have more heft than the ones they replaced as the RC's who have gone were imho a waste of space. Hopefully White and Husband can give them some credibility.

However if you remember 2 elections ago the RC's had 6 out 12 members and look how that turned out. The brighter ones abandoned the Rebels without a Clue as they realised they were seriously not up to the mark.

Can not see anything other than an ex Mayor grabbing the Chair. I know that Livingston and Vercoe see eye to eye, although Simcock will look at his vote tally as a sign that the people have called him to serve. Perhaps the prospect of Jane alighting the throne to gel the non RC's to get in behinds a credible chair and deputy.

Anyway it is going to be fun viewing the debate around the table between Husband and Graf when it comes to Biosecurity policy:)

October 23, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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