TCDC Annual Remuneration
Monday, October 21, 2013 at 12:18PM
Bill Barclay

The following are the salary bands as gleaned from the Draft Annual Report (Page 119)

                              2012            2013

<$60,000                   90                98

$60-80,000                39                47

$80-100,000              22                24

$100-120,000             11               11

$120-160,000               6                 9

$160,000>                    5                 4

Totals                         173             193

David Hammond emailed me to explain the following:

"On those figures sent through - note that the govt instructs that the head count be taken on the last day of the year, which fell on a Sunday. That means that a whole bunch of casuals employed in pools, libraries etc came into the total figure."

The Notes to the Financial Statements states the following (inter-alia):

"At balance date, the Council employed 160 (2012: 145) full-time employees, with the balance of 33(2012: 28) staff being part-time and casual employees representing 18.68 (2012: 17.1) full-time employees. A full-time employee is determined based on a 40-hour working week."

I simply draw attention the overall 12% increase in employee numbers - which should be tempered by the information provided by David Hammond. It is still significant, as these casuals would surely fall into the lower two bands. Nevertheless, it is clear that there has not been a 'blow-out' in the top bands - substitution has taken place in a number of positions following the Whitianga Sports-complex 'clean-out'.

I don't anticipate any major changes in the current year as strenuous effoirts are now needed to restrain costs.

David further explained that the major projects ahead are:

 ·        3 anchor projects: Coro Wharves, Cycleway, Great Walk

·        Unitary Authority

·        Operational cost reductions & wrestling with financial jigsaw puzzle

·        Ease of consenting processes

The "wrestling with the financial jigsaw puzzle" is significant - I believe that there are few uncomfortable realities beginning to dawn on the borrowing and growth fronts.





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