Three-day tipoff of Dirty Dairying checks. 
Monday, October 21, 2013 at 11:07AM
Bill Barclay

This story comes from the 'New Zealand Farmer' so clearly has legs.

It is a dammed disgrace that this is taking place, and there can be no excuse for this 'softly, softly' approach, apparently by a wide range of regulatory authorities.

It just goes to show how dominant farmers are in those authorities in regard to exercise of oversight.

Readers will have long been aware of my scepticism, if not cynicism in that regard.

Willy Leferinks statement representing Federated Farmers, is laughable:

Mr Leferink said Federated Farmers "favours the notified route because the inspection process should be about boosting good management practices" and was "a much more efficient use of council and farmer time".

 "I must also say that trust will only be built up if we respect each other and that extends to basic professional courtesy."

It is time that all involved realised once and for all the the reputation of this nation is at risk, and water polution lies at the very heart of the matter. We have suckered for long enough by the selfish minority of dairy farmers who take a cynical, self-interested view of their responsibilities.

Enough is enough!




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