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Council Committees

Mayor Leach has pulled some shocks with his appointments to the committees - even the naming of same has been turned upside-down.

The old committees were:

Audit, Service Delivery, Judicial, CE Liaison, and District Plan (Temporary)

The structure and personnel are as follows:

Committee           Chairperson              Committee Members              Staff Manager

Audit                    Tony Fox                  Murray McLean                        Steve Baker
                                                           Jan Bartley
                                                           Diane Connors

Regulatory            Murray McLean        Tony Fox                                 Marion Smith
                                                           Tony Brljevich
                                                           Peter French
                                                           Sandra Goudie (reserve)
                                                           Diane Connors (reserve)

Infrastructure        Tony Brljevich          Jack Wells                                Bruce Hinson                                                                                        Sandra Goudie                                                                                                       Peter French                               

Policy                    Sandra Goudie         Diane Connors                         Katina Conomos
                                                           Jan Bartley
                                                           Jack Wells

Economic Dev.      Glenn Leach             Peter French                            Ben Day
Chief Exec.            Glenn Leach             Peter French                            David Hammond
                                                           Murray McLean

As expected, Tony Fox was re-appointed to the Audit Chair. He did not seem to do a bad job the last time, though judgment in regard to the Whitianga Sports-complex debacle will need to be reserved for some time yet.

I was not aware that Murray McLean had passed the Chairs' Course that enabled to sit as chair of the Regulatory (previously Judicial) Committee - perhaps he may still need to do. Tony Brljevich and Peter French have both completed the course - hence my assumption that Glenn would put Tony in that seat- he must harbour some misgivings about Tony's ability to do that  task. He has instead been given Infrastructure - a far less onerous task.Peter French has his hands full without even been considered for chair. But I am sure that Tony had set his sights on Judicial when he foud that Hoadley was departing.

As expected, Sandra Goudie will head up Policy which puts her in a very powerful position, and I am sure that Diane Connors will not be relishing her role on that Committee with the two old gaffers from Whangamata - Wells and Bartley. One would love to be a fly on the wall for some of those meetings - particularly during the adoption of the District Plan - I have no doubt that the Chair will call for Public Excluded at every opportunity.

The other new one is Economic Development where Glenn appears determined to maintain full control over where the Council's economic priorities lie over the next few years, and he clearly wants it tight knit with only French aboard.

All remain to be confirmed at next Wednesday's inaugural meeting. That should automatic if Glenn has done  his homework.





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