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Council Remuneration

Here are the new rates that are up for approval on Wednesday.

Role                                              $ Current $                     Oct 13 - 30 June 2014
Mayor                                            95556                                      98863
Deputy Mayor                                 34553                                      39900
Committee Chairperson                  32593                                      34770
Councillor                                       28213                                      28500                                         Coromandel & TairuaCB Chair         15000                                    14300 Member                                           6075                                        7150                                          Mercury Bay & Thames CB Chair    15000                                      16900 Member                                           6075                                        8450                                         Whangamata CB Chair                   15000                                      15600 Members                                         6075                                        7800

Communication                                750                                          775
Travel ks.                                0.74c (5000ks)/.35c (over 5G)        .77/.37
Travel Time                                       $15 per hour                           $35 per hour

Resource Consent Hearings
Chairperson                                     $100 per hour                         $100 per hour
Member                                           $80  per hour                           $80  per hour.
A 15% increase for the Deputy Mayor is probably justified, but 39% for CB members is a long stretch - the Mayor will say it is justified with the increased responsibilities, but frankly, the whole thing is a furphy that will come home to bite in the future, and meanwhile the cost of running the Boards is increasing exponentially.

It is staggering just how these councillors (and others, let it be said) are able to increase their dosh at rates far greater than the general population - the Remuneration Authority appears to have only limited ability to restrain this trend - all based around the alleged amount of extra work they do, but without any commensurate increase in population or income. Some of the arguments used to justify the increases are are self-serving claptrap to be honest, and dim the 'public service' light that they are so keen to bathe in - pure hypocrisy of course! And don't be taken in by the peanuts/monkey argument that I have heard over and over within the four walls of Council - it really does sound a bit silly in that forum.



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