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Kerbside Collection

I was sceptical at the outset when this grand plan came forward involving the three Council's, but in the end it turned out to be John Whittles last and greatest achievement to get it up and running as Chair of the Combined Waste Committee.

A huge amount of careful planning went into it, and the results are now 'out there' for all to see. It was indeed a triumph from all aspects as far as any casual observer could ascertain. It would certainly be interesting to be able to observe just How Smart Environmental are coping with it all up at the old Carter Holt site. I am assured that all is well and that the collection, sorting and despatch has gone off without a hitch, and without a single squeak from the 'Spin Doctors' who incidentally appear to have toned down their previous enthusiasm for all things TCDC. Perhaps it has finally sunk through that there is a credibility price to be paid with unrestrained enthusiasm for the achievements of your employer.

Anyway - a good show all round and I think applause is called for for all those associated with the planning and execution of the kerbside collection exercise..





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