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Ruataniwha Inquiry

The situation at the Inquiry indicates a slow tightening of the Board's grip on the evidence that the HBRC and NIWA have attempted to with-hold that could well have influenced the eventual outcome. 

That evidence will now have to be made available to the Fish and Game expert scientists to examine under confidence provisions, in accordance with the attached decision handed down yesterday

There will certainly be some heavy breathing going on amongst the dam project proponents as the evidence is examined by the Fish and Game experts, and submissions prepared. It appears that the document was with held because it was "valuable intelectual property", and that the contents are meaningless unless used by "eperienced and trained personnel." This argument was knocked over by their expert - Dr Rutherford, indicating in his affadavit that he was "willing to  assist other experts in understanding how the models work."

It appears that the HBRC rebuttal evidence will have to be provided by 8 November.

This is one Board of Inquiry that may not be simply acting as a 'rubber stamp' for the Government, or Regional Council. 




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