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WRC Chair

Well it seems that my earlier posts on this subject came close with Paula Southgate securing the chair - beating Bob Simcock and securing eight out of fourteen votes in the process. That will surely be regarded as a slap in the face for the three Amigos - Simcock, Livingstone and Vercoe. Simcock was "surprised", having been earlier assured of sufficient votes. Buckley nominated him, so those four obviously thought they would 'carry the day'. They could not have been more wrong, and there will be some soul-searching going on as they now set about endeavouring to secure chairmanships through Paula.

Tipa Mahuta was elected as Deputy - a further insult to the three after Paula had supported Simcock for the job. The Rates Control Team obviously were critical in regard to both votes, and had clearly done their homework sufficient to realise that they did not have the numbers for their own group.

The demise of the Three Amigos will surely put paid to the grand Waikato-wide Authority that they were all anticipating. They just did not appreciate how widespread was the opposition and anger out in the electorate in regard to that proposal - a sea-change that was anticipated by the Robinsons, and described in their 'Hamilton News' article dated 17 October, and my subsequent 20 October post. By the way - the 'Waikato Times' got it completely wrong in predicting Simcock for the top job and Southgate for Deputy yesterday morning - embarrassingly so!

Paula Southgate has little experience in this role and will need all the skills she can muster to make the show work in the face of the Three Amigos (+ Buckley), and the with the various objectives of the Rates Control Team - as I have alluded to earlier, they may prove to be as elusive as herding cats.

It will be an interesting term in Waikato, and with an ounce of luck, we may get an Eastern Waikato Authority that we can live with. That pre-supposes that Nick Smith has not already made up his mind to corral us all in the Waikato Authority that Buckley and Co. went to Wellington to push. The team within Council that have been working so assiduously in that direction may be sitting back and wondering where their future lies. One thing is for sure - the certainty that they imagined prior to the Election no longer exists. - the landscape has changed dramatically.     




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Reader Comments (2)

Again I think you and the Robinsons may be over egging the result of the Chair contest. The RC group did use their block vote to stymie the 3 Amigos as you call them, however that is only because the RC group had a snowflakes chance in hell of gaining any sort of position. They are not seen as credible.

Their support of Southgate is an impotent rage against the wind rather than a chess like strategic move. Southgate while fair minded and considered regards the RC group abilities with disdain. Not sure about the new members but the discarded and those that remain are very average in their ability to articulate anything other than a cliche.

The chances of the RC group staying together are slim especially when you Clyde and Stu on the same team with Jane as a wannabe leader. I give it about 15 months

I see that the preferred Northland LG option has come back from the LG Commission. A Super Council in all its glory:)

TCDC may need to be careful as to what is wishes if it starts that process as did the Far North DC.

Economies of scale are the new mantra and so called democracy is over rated..apparently.

November 13, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

You are proably spot-on Peter - I have no reason to believe that the group has any chance of staying together, and it will only be a matter of time before the two you mention find their respective positions on 1080 in particular impossible to reconcile - 15 months may be pushing it.
I believe that with the Norh Auckland proposal the Government has now indicated its determination to push towards the full regional model, thus making the East Waikato let alone TCDC based model unlikely, if not impossible. It will be a major achievement if Leach manages to persuade the powers that be of the viability of his favoured model, regardless of the Morrison Low Report - I expect it to be tabled at the meeting on 27 November by the way.
My report was aimed rather at describing the complete failure of the pre-election assumptions regarding leadership, regardless of the moderate abilities of those in opposition - even Leach indicated considerable surprise at the 30 October meeting. They have achieved their first goal - the next may be a little harder.
But thanks for your considered comment, as usual; I wish a few more were prepared to do the same.

November 14, 2013 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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