Coromandel Harbour Facilities
Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 11:36AM
Bill Barclay

Here is Greg Hampton's press release about the progress of the report on these facilities.

I believe that the Furey's Creek option remains favoured - that will require substantial dredging, but has the advantage that the development will be able to be undertaken on Council reserve land. That will reduce the consenting requirements.

We still await an explanation from Council regarding the test bores that have been undertaken recently that caused so much angst amongst the anti-mining  groups. I am not convinced that the test boring has not been related to the testing required for the dredging - the Council is equally sensitive to any reactions in that regard, and its preferred option appears to be just keep quiet, and hope that it all blows over. This is a total reversal of former PR policy which appeared ready to report the opening of an envelope. 

Many in Coromandel will have misgivings about the development of a ferry terminal at the wharf, and the associated works. The Mayor appears to be deliberately confusing the two issues - dredging for the terminal, and for mining. He appears ready to push this as far as he can as long as it does not frighten the horses too much. The anti-mining brigade are well advised to keep the issue under very close scrutiny.  




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