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Northland Unitary Authority

Here is the Joint statement put out by the four Northland Councils yesterday that indicates initial harmony before they get down to business to thrash out their individual responses to the Local Government Commission preferred model. 

This will come as a no surprise, but with considerable disappointment in at the Castle where final preparations will be being made with the paper that is due to go to Council on 27 November with the Morrison Low Report. This will outline the viability of us going it alone, or with a combination of eastern Waikato councils. 

The Commission, led by Basil Morrison is simply reflecting Nick Smith's thinking expressed long ago, and which remains the Government's position on amalgamation - authorities with the widest possible geographical footprint for the greatest economies of scale. 

Our Council has been led to believe that it can go it alone, and Leach's apparent metamorphosis on this dates from the tabling of the Robinson inspired referendum on the matter. My feeling is that he is not nearly as convinced in private as he has been in public on the issue, and that the Morrison Low Report is really a sop to those who would prefer the iconoclastic option - mainly for reasons associated with preserving and enhancing huntin, fishin 'n shootin values, and preventing further use of 1080.  

I have tended to lean towards an Eastern Waikato model, not because I was convinced of its viability, but because along with Leach, I could feel the strength of the political mood against the 'full Monty' Waikato-wide Authority. Regardless of its rationale based on our particular interests, it becomes less and less likely that the Local Government Commission, let alone Nick Smith (and he still rules the local government roost - Tremain being simply a smiling face) will see it our way, and our team better get used to it no matter how much bluff and bluster has been generated.




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Reader Comments (2)

Well any analysis its only as good as the nil hypothesis assumptions.

From a Wellington central government perspective the issues that are vexing them and those who are their natural demographic are about one stop shop super marts of "give me the consent I need to make me some money" constructs.

Templated pro forma application forms and set fees for rubber stamp consumable ink is the only issue that these productive members of society should be liable for.…Shirley?

The less variability that is encountered the more certainity that business and their financial backers feel comfortable with. Apparently that sense of confidence and certainty does not apply to the employee class as that leads to sloth and lack of productivity, of which the capitalist class is immune to:)

Regulatory red tape should be at most be a speed bump on the road of economic prosperity and unfettered perpetual economic growth.

This way any guilt for those who use community owned natural resources for private economic gain can be assauged without actually having to account for the real environmental cost here and now, with that being placed as a liability with future generations.

It helps when the election cycle is only 3 years.

I think I have used my quota of cliches for this evening:)

I must stop drinking supermarket cab sav.

November 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

An example of the type of agenda I was trying to portray above.

November 17, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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