Sunday Morning Relief
Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 4:09PM
Bill Barclay

At last we are to be relieved of the necessity to listen to Chris Laidlaw's left wing nostrums on virtually every ill facing the planet every Sunday Morning.

His retirement from National Radio has been announced from 22 December. It will the first opportunity for the new CEO to display his willingness to bring our National Program back from the strong leftie lean that has dominated for a very long time, and which the previous CEO Connolly appeared unable to alter.

No more will we be subjected to his annoying and hesitant questioning of subjects that has become almost a cliche, and I suspect driven thousands of depressed listeners into the garden. Laidlaw announced earlier that he would resign if elected to the Capital Coast Health Board and the Greater Wellinton Regional Council, and such was the case, so off he goes.

Radio New Zealand Networks Manager, John Howson stated that "any suggestion that the show was "'left-leaning'" was only 'public perception'" - Well John would say that wouldn't he - what a joke! It is as if 'public perception' counts for nothing. 




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