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Kauiaua to Kopu Cycleway Funding

Herewith is Greg Hampton's submission to next week's meeting regarding the funding of the new section of the Rail Trail - mostly along the formed stop-banks.

There is nothing wrong with what is proposed that I can see - it is a natural extension of the existing Trail.

But I have to question the spending of $1m of Thames Coromandel ratepayer derived funds outside of our District. I am not sure of the legal ramifications of such expenditure, and these should be fuly explored before it goes any further - Greg's paper does not appear to raise the issue. TCDC's funding of the Thames Paeroa section was resticted to the section that lies within our boundary - that was considered to be legally necessary at that time, so I am not sure what has changed. The Kaiaua to Kopu Section is an entirely different matter.

I recall that John Tregidga gave a verbal undertaking to the 200710 Council that the section would be fully funded by Hauraki - with Government and other agencies contributing of course. There was no suggestion that TCDC would be called on to contribute, but clearly that situation has changed, and we now appear to be taking the lead.  There are both capital, and maintenance implications of course.  

The benefits outlined in Greg's paper appear to be heavily in Hauraki's favour, but I guess it really boils down to the ability of Thames to turn itself into the 'hub' that Greg envisages.




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