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Morrison Low - Where Art Thou?

It is a major disappointment that the much hyped Morrison Low Report on the viability of a 'go-it-alone' TCDC Unitary Authority, or alternatively a grouping of two or more councils, has failed to make it to the 27 November Council Agenda.

This Report was due two months ago - before the Election, and no explanation has been provided regarding its delay. One could easily jump to the conclusion in the circumstances that the recommendations arrived at are less than favourable for either of these choices. It does not seem credible that it should have taken such an extended period for an experienced group such as Morrison Low have been described, to complete its work.

Anything short of fulsome support for either of the two alternatives would be a blow for Leach, and the team who have provided such impetus for the Authority.

On the other hand, it does not seem likely in the circumstances, given the Government's firm move towards joining all of the Northern councils into one Authority that it likely to vary its stance to suit our needs, regardless of the content of the Report, but stranger things have happened. Buckley may have been removed from the center of the Waikato universe, but the Government's plan for authorities with the widest possible footprint appears to remain on track.   




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