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Freedom Camping By-Law Review

This is the content of Ben Day's PR Release on Tuesday.

There is no doubt from my observation that the By-law has worked exactly as was intended since its introduction, and that many of the problems we were facing on the Peninsula in this regard have now been brought under control.

But it is has in no way assuaged the feelings of the Motor Caravan Association who apparently have indicated that it is their intention to proceed with legal action against our Council - no doubt using heavy hitter - Mai Chen in the proceedings, regardless of changes that result from the Review. 

It seems to me that our Council should refrain from responding to the bullying that has become the hallmark of the Association in its dealings with councils and simply stick to its guns, unless really credible evidence to the contrary comes forward in the Hearings.

The Association is busy rattling  the cages of other councils at the present, so there is probably a time delay before they move against TCDC, but if it proceeds, so be it - our Council may have to set aside a defence fund to employ someone with status equal to that of Mai Chen.




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Reader Comments (1)

I do not understand why some people refuse to look at the reported “problems” in a bit more detail. Perhaps it is because it is much easier to blame it on one group; campervanners in the widest sense of the word. It is short-sightedness or intellectual laziness too perhaps. In my humble opinion you may have “solved the problems" but in the process have also thrown out the baby with the bathwater. Your approach does not distinguish between a freeloading -no rules for me - van, and law-abiding people who typically have spent a lot of money on their van/motorhome, including making it self-contained. It's been said many times before, but some people refuse to see the difference. Self contained means they have their own toilet etc. and storage for at least three days. And contrary to what some anti camper people seem to think, believe me, it is a lot more comfortable to use your own facilities rather than the cold wet grass and bushes outside.
TCDC, has effectively scared many motorhomes from visiting the district, including people like ourselves. That seems to be the objective of those that want to keep the place for their own exclusive enjoyment, especially for people that do not rely on business income from visitors.
First, let me assure you, I have no intention to do any damage to the environment, I'd like to come back many times. And no, we're not all cheapskates Money is not the reason we prefer, in many cases, to freedom camp. End result? For a regular weekend away we now go elsewhere. Rather than do our week shopping in Thames we might do it in Tauranga (much more motorhome friendly). That meal, the wine and evening entertainment? Well, Tauranga. New shoes, and while we are there a new monitor for the PC? Tauranga. Diesel... You guessed. But at least you have apparently "solved the problem". I am glad our own (neighbouring) council takes a much more realistic approach, attracting more and more tourist to the Hauraki rail trail. And rathjer than blaming the NZMCA, perhaps you should have a good read of the freedom camping legislation.

November 29, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterdoesn't matter

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