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Mayoral Comments

Amongst the many, often half-baked 'top of the head' comments made by the Mayor towards the end of the public meeting were the following:

Gary Blake has been to see the Mayor on behalf of the group that he leads that is committed to the preservation of the old Kopu Bridge, and was told that the Council will welcome any formal proposal the Group wishes to make - "The door is open". But I did not detect any degree of enthusiasm on the part of Leach or others round the table.

The Coromandel harbour project is difficult - it is likely to take the full term of this Council to come to any kind of fruition in regard to planning alone. The Council was not "in cahoots with Sea Group Holdings" - the mining company that is apparently carrying out surveys. But he is determined to get the ferry connection under way regardless of opposition to dredging.

He went to Wellington and had a successful meeting with Mr Finlayson over the Hauraki settlement arrangements. 

He has already been visited three times by Clyde Graf, and he thinks that there is a real improvement in the relationship with WRC already with the advent of the new CEO. He has high hopes of being able to work closely with new Chair Paula Southgate.

He fully expects the implementation of a Unitary Authority before the next election, and noted the initial indication from Morrison Low that a TCDC Authority is 'viable' - though it would seem that recent Government action in the North and Hawkes Bay probably makes this report redundant.

Tony Brljevich reported that he is having a meeting shortly with Clyde Graf, DOC, WRC and other at Kauaeranga Centre to discuss alternative pest control methods. The pressure is now on the remove 1080 from the Peninsula - crazy as that may seem to the vast majority of its residents. It won't be long before the effects are felt - I live right on Tararu Road at Tararu, and I have caught four large possums in a yellow trap on my deck over the last three months. If they cannot organise a successful trapping campaign behind Tararu, what chance is there for the remainder of the Peninsula. 

The back of Tararu has not been treated for over 5 years, and the effects on flora and fauna are becoming very evident. I hope, but have no confidence that DoC will hold the line - the opposition is just too strong and the DoC people give the impression that they feel that they on their own in this fight. Government and our Council appear to be taking a back seat and leaving it to the likes of Brljevich and Graf.




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Reader Comments (1)

Surely if Mayor Leach was serious and was genuine about the Morrison Low report he would be more Gung Ho and put it to the people.

Me thinks he is has been posturing all along as he knows what the outcome would be if he went to the LG Commission with a Unitary proposal.

Something about Turkeys not wanting to be invited to Christmas dinner and all that.

December 3, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterPeter

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