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Greenshell - Follow-up

This is the text of amy email to Laurna White (copied to Ben Day and David Hammond) at 10am today.


In view of the situation brought about by Peter Vitasovich’s Greenshell and Ikana companies  being placed in receivership on 19 November can you please advise the following:

1.     Is it true that Council entered into an arrangement concerning the upgrade of infrastructure at Sugarloaf on the basis of an undertaking by Peter Vitasovich on behalf of the Coromandel Marine Farmers Association that the cost would be repaid over a specified period?

2.      Was this arrangement covered by any legally enforceable agreement?

3.      Can you advise exactly with what legal entity that this agreement (assuming it exists) was entered into?

4.      What is the Council commitment in regard to this arrangement and over what period is it to be re-paid?

5.      What is the extent of the Council’s commitment to date?

6.      What steps are being taken to protect the Council interest in the light of the receivership?  

I realise that it may take a little time to prepare a reply to these questions, but I would appreciate it as soon as possible in view of the substantial public interest already being shown in this matter – my blog post has received 210 ‘hits’ since it went up at 5.30 last evening.




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