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TCB Inaugural Meeting

Strat was re-elected Chair today unopposed - everything had been worked out in order to avoid a stoush. Rex Simpson got the nod for Deputy, having been previously asked whether he thought he felt he was able to take over the Chair - he declined on the basis that he knew little about the task at this stage. Rex is a straight shooter, and I expect him to take over as when Strat steps down as expected later in this term.

After what were reportedly some pretty stong words behind the scenes Strat managed to get finished by 12.30 - that has to be a record after his dismal performance last term, and shows that the new crop will not tolerate his bumbling around getting to decisions. 

The most important decision today was to finally tell Rotary that their annual Goldrush Street Market was no longer welcome in its current form. They have been told before of course, but never agreed to move the market off the sidewalk on to the centre of the street where it should have been in the first place. The unfair competition and aggravation provided to rate-paying Thames businesses by this annual invasion of itinerants has finally been brought to heel. 

If Rotary again refuse to accept the change, then the licence will not be granted - simple! If this Board carries on in this manner, it may get wide support. 




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