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Dairying - The Saga Continues 

Further to my 25 November post on the dairy industry, consider the ultimate effect of the $25m purchase of Federated Farmer's Dairying President - Willy Leferink's 413ha Rakaia property by the fabulously wealthy Italian pasta making Barilla family. 

The purchase - recently approved by the OIC, represents a price of $61,000/ha - a 33% premium to the $46,000/ha median price for Canterbury dairy farms in the latest Real Estate Institute figures, and 85% above the $33,000/ha national median price in October. 

This alone is frightening enough - every increase, regardless of the origin of the purchaser, can be directly connected to an increased need for intensification - bad news all round.

But wait, there is more - just take a look at this story from "The Guardian" regarding the Barilla family. Gays obviously will not be welcome  to apply for employment in this cow-shed. But I guess our OIC is not required to check out the desirability of the purchasers - as long as they have lucre, and plenty of it.

Interestingly, no other NZ media appear to have drawn this connection - yet! Perhaps the xenophobia evident in regard to Asian farm purchases does not extend to nice white Italian pasta makers who happen to have extreme views regarding gays!  




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