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Dog Registration

In a remarkably un-triumphal presser (reflecting the new modus operandi), it was announced this morning that there are no no un-registered dogs (well those that they know about!) remaining on the Peninsula.

This is an incredible achievement for the now in-house dog control team, and a big tick to Marion Smith under whose aegis it operates. It is certainly a vast improvement on the previous out-sourced service. This is one time that the 'in-house' operation is able to show demonstrable superiority over the privately operated service that had become extraordinarily slack, and is a credit to all concerned.

I am aware that David Hammond is set on returning a range of other services 'in-house', but he should not get too carried away - there are many that have proven to be very hard to operate efficiently 'in-house' - road maintenance being one, but certainly the dog-control experience is encouraging.




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Reader Comments (2)

That is a stupid claim and one that cannot be justified. It would be impossible that ALL dogs are registered on the Peninsula- here alone in Thames I see at least two everyday whilst out walking which are not registered [ and another dog that has no collar-ever] - and I only walk a short circuit. Why make such claims when you know they cannot be true? - to justify such a claim one would expect the 3 or 4 dog control officials to have visited every house in the TCDC area--and that, I think, would be a physical impossibility. Should the claim be true then it makes our Council the first in NZ to have all dogs in it's area registered - but I feel it is more likely be a figment of somebody's imagination -- trying to build a 'good news story' methinks

December 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterWoofus

I queried that point with one of the dog control staff and learnt that the figures are correct but only relate to unregistered dogs on Council records. Its the "unknown" dogs that they are still pursuing and if you know of any dogs not registered you might do them a favour by notifying Council so that they can check the property records. In the past the dog squad have been chasing the unregistered dogs (those on the database) for up to 10 months after registration was due but this year pulled a marathon by getting them all (plus more) done within 5 months. Times have changed alright.

December 15, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterInsideout

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