Dog Registration
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 at 11:08AM
Bill Barclay

In a remarkably un-triumphal presser (reflecting the new modus operandi), it was announced this morning that there are no no un-registered dogs (well those that they know about!) remaining on the Peninsula.

This is an incredible achievement for the now in-house dog control team, and a big tick to Marion Smith under whose aegis it operates. It is certainly a vast improvement on the previous out-sourced service. This is one time that the 'in-house' operation is able to show demonstrable superiority over the privately operated service that had become extraordinarily slack, and is a credit to all concerned.

I am aware that David Hammond is set on returning a range of other services 'in-house', but he should not get too carried away - there are many that have proven to be very hard to operate efficiently 'in-house' - road maintenance being one, but certainly the dog-control experience is encouraging.




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