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Twice in one day I am finding myself having to offer congratulations to TCDC on a great achievement - this time the Recycling arrangements entered into Smart Environment. Don't worry, I don't intend that it become a habit.

But as I have indicated in an earlier post, this implementation has appeared to go without a hitch, and is now well in place before the Christmas rush commences. It is the result of superb planning and execution, and the contrast with the previous arrangements could not be greater.

The Smart people appear to really have their heart in it as they conduct the collections in their new equipment, and as Grahame Christian say's the proof lies in the change in the proportion of re-cyclables, and consequent  savings on what has to go to the Tirohia Landfill at huge cost to rate-payers - well in excess of the blue bag charge.

The effect on employment in the town is most welcome, and the fact that we are handing the entire Matamata-Piako and Hauraki waste stream here at Kopu is also a most pleasing outcome - particularly after the Carter Holt lay-offs. The length of the contract has clearly given Smart the incentive to make the necessary investment to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

Overall, the Council is entitled to plaudits for this whole transition. But we should not forget John Whittle's input into the arrangements as convener of the Joint Solid Waste Committee - it would have been nice for that to have been acknowledged in the presser - it would not have cost a penny, and it would have indicated a degree of maturity in the approach of the current regime.




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