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Audit Committee 13 December 2013

I looked in vain for an indication that the current financial status of Council, and the interest rate crisis in particular may be on the public agenda for tomorrow's meeting.

No such luck, but there it is - secreted away in Public Excluded - "Briefing on the December 2013 Funding and Interest Rate Strategy". Oh to be a fly on the wall for that discussion. This may well be the first time that Mr Jones and the Audit Office representative have been informed about the imbroglio.

Just another matter of interest - In checking the website,  I see that for the first time to my knowledge that Chief Financial Officer - Steve Baker is now a member of the Committee. I have nothing against Steve, but I do not believe that it is at all appropriate for the CFO to be a member of this Committee - he should be reporting to it, and nothing more. Talk about the 'fox in the chicken-house'!

I believe that it contrary to best practice for a staff member to be member of a standing committee in any circumstance, and in particular - the Audit Committee. I have never heard of such an arrangement anywhere else, and it indicates a totally unprofessional approach to this Committee's operation. I wonder if the OAG is aware - not that that means anything these days. Talk about ineffectual and incompetent - Kaipara told us all we need to know in that regard.  

The manner in which he was appointed warrants further investigation. It can only have been through the Mayor - he appoints Committee members, but in what manner was this appointment ratified by Council, I wonder?

Curiouser, and curiouser!




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Reader Comments (1)

Reading your comment about the "funding and interest rate strategy" I am saddened by the apparent contempt this elected council shows for it's principal funder, the citizen rate-payer. Is it not reasonable to expect, in a democratic society, that an issue such as this one, of funding, is put on the table, so-to-speak, for all to see and comment on, whatever the perils that move may hold for elected members?
I am reminded that elected representatives are elected to represent, not rule, and that the head of elected council, the Mayor, ought to be cognizant of rate-payers capacity to withstand this continued assault upon their (rate-payer) collective purse, and communicate accordingly.
It amuses me that none of our local elected representatives appear to have anything to say around the council table that represents the view of their constituency - recognising, perhaps, that if they do, such comments as are uttered will not be considered newsworthy (perhaps?), or that they may incur the wrath of the august body that sits at the head of the table.
We deserve better than this. George Orwell was right.

December 12, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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