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"Great Walks"

Leach is determined to progress his 'Great Walks' project - the latest missive is in a presser that came out this afternoon that confuses his 'Great Walks' with a single walk. The presser headline may have been more truthful if it had been worded "Business Study Supports A Coromandel Great Walks Project" - that from Hot Water, through Cathedral Cove to Purangi. This is pure 'spin' plain and simple, and if I were Miles and TRC Tourism Ltd I would be seeking this change forthwith. 

The HWB-CC-P project certainly looks doable, but the time frame looks rather greater than was earlier the case - reality has set in regarding the Queen's Chain having 'dropped off' over a fairly long stretch adjacent to Lee's Road. The negotiations with those landowners should be interesting, and may get litigious. They did not buy into that land with any understanding that droves of walkers were going to be steaming through their front yards. Not to put too fine a point on it, it could be a long day at the office - I know of several prominent lawyers who occupy the space, one of whom has already sold.

There seemed to be a 'gung-ho' attitude by Gary Towler at the outset regarding the Council's 'right' to access land along the cliff by way of a clause in the purchase documents. That was obviously before they ran a survey. Oh well - back to the drawing board!

There is no doubt a huge desire by a number of vested interests to establish all manner of walkways all over the Peninsula, and I guess it is a bit like John Key's original dream to have a cycleway from Cape Reinga to the Bluff - like the Curate's Egg - good in parts!  Glenn's dream of one around the Peninsula just ain't going to happen, but he keeps talking about "Great Walks", having being knocked back on his 'Coromandel Great Walk'.

He needs to be very closely watched because I have heard him infer that he is looking beyond his Mayoral term at a future role as 'The Great Overseer', or similar, and this is going to cost rate-payers an arm and a leg before he is finished - believe me!




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Reader Comments (1)

love to see Leachy take a great walk himself.
His tenure as Mayor will go down in the annuals as this Councils worst - and I thought it would be difficult to beat Barriballs!
the TCDC has not had many Mayors [ 4 I believe]- but under Leach's watch this Council is heading down the path of financial ruin- which should be a real concern to all ratepayers- no longer is he looked upon as a saviour [ as if he ever was!].
But he alone should not take all the blame - the Councillors as just as culpable -lets see what the new Councillor Goudie will bring to the mix - not much I fear.

December 14, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterFlushed

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