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Rotorua Ditches DC's

In one of the more significant moves since the election, new Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick announced on Wednesday that her Council would do away with all Development Contributions other than for Water and Wastewater.

This should lead rush of moves in other districts to get in line with the Government's stated desire to alter the whole resource consent scene, and in particular, the up-front costs of developers. It should be music to the ears of our Mayor, and we can expect to see a similar move here before too long, though whether it will go all the way as announced by Steve Chadwick is another matter.

The whole question of equity rears its ugly head when these grand gestures are made, but I personally have my doubts that this change will really effect peoples intentions, certainly in this District. Water and wastewater are the principal charges in any case - though Steve claims a 47% drop in DC's will result from the change. 

A 47% drop will make little difference here, as DC collections have fallen far short of this figure for a number of years - somehow they just cannot get it right, but our Council is by no means the only one in that category.




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