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Waikato Triennial Agreement

The only significant matter reported in the CE's Report to Council on 18 December relates to the Waikato Triennial Agreement.

Katina Conomos and Sam Napia are the TCDC negotiators, and their initial review and feedback focussed on:

  • Ensuring that the Agreement references correctly the Memorandum of Understanding for the Mayoral Forum, as this was not so in the original document
  • Ensuring that we do not enshrine in the Agreement the Waikato Spatial Plan or otherMayoral Forum workstreams; because this is clearly not appropriate
  • Ensuring increased public accountability by, for example requiring Mayoral Forumminutes to be reported on order papers of our respective councils, and
  • Maintaining, and perhaps even enhancing, community empowerment and localdemocracy in our respective districts by defining what it means to speak as 'OneVoice'. That is, the Forum can only presume to speak as 'One Voice' on any givenmatter if and only if thereis unanimous agreement on that matter.

Then he goes on to say "When the Mayoral Forum met on 25 November, it determined that the 'Governance work stream' would take the lead on preparation of the Agreement. The Agreement is due to be signed no later than March 2014".

If that is the case, then it would seem that our 'Team' were unsuccessful in having "the Waikato Spatial Plan or other Mayoral Forum Worksteams excluded from the Agreement". Either that, or it is either very badly worded, or a pointless exercise.




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