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"Leach's Folly"

Having just been attacked from the Mayoral Chair for having referred to the Walkway(s) as "Leach's Folly"- a search of my Blog failed to locate a single occasion when I have said any such thing - but it gave the leg-in for him to gloat over my having got it all wrong in my earlier post.

Actually - he is partially correct, I did not have the advantage of being able to see the Adam's Report which was held until today's meeting - it describes the walk in glowing terms, and its potential as possibly the greatest of any tourist facility proposal currently under examination anywhere in the country - high praise indeed, and from the figures Chris Adams provided, it appears to be the case.

The problem regarding the cliffside walk between Cathedral Cove a and Purangi appears to have been overcome through the simple expedient of planning the Walk along Lees Road to Everett's Corner and then down through the Reserve to Purangi - that should do it, though it will naturally detract from the ambience of the cliff-side, and create some traffic problems. 

They are proposing a parking charge to cover a cost of a shuttle bus, and upkeep, and are planning for walkers only. All in all it looks a great concept, but it must be kept separated from all the other walk plans that are at various stages of development. It is really the only viable proposal at this stage. 

A pity about Glenn's sensitivity - I responded by suggesting that "You do your job, and I'll do mine" - written off as irrelevant! It was bullying - anyone in the room could see that. He reacted badly to my suggestion that the walkway's were ego driven and it drew the response that he "does not have an ego" - make what you like of that. At least it proves that he reads my blog - sometimes!

I will endeavour to obtain an URL for the Adams Report later.




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