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Steve Baker announced with some satisfaction/relief the 'roll-over ' of $13m funding from Westpac to LGFA - the Local Government Funding Agency, with the intent to move the remaining $32m debt in the same direction over four years. 

Then there was some spirited discussion regarding the relief of the rating impact of re-zoning. Cr Goudie had a great deal to say on this subject - wanting no impact until change of use takes place. Steve Baker pointed out (several times) that once a re-valuation took place, the rating impact was inevitable by law, and all Council could do was offer 'remission' or 'postponement'. Goudie (and others) want growth at any price, and simply ignoring revaluation through re-zoning was seen as strategic device to encourage growth.

The difference between re-zoning through District Plan changes, and private action was explored in depth  - several wanted them treated the same way. In the end, the recommendation was adopted for remission only on District Pan changes - a policy to be drafted accordingly. 




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When are we going to see any of our elected representatives offering up a 'spirited discussion' in defence of rate-payers against the consequences of all this 'development'? It is particularly irritating that councillors will not live within the revenues available, in so far as they appear to be constantly changing things around to suit their over-blown agendas.
And maybe they need to re-think the notion of growth - we ought not to predicate our ideas about the future with the thought that constant growth is achievable (in the longer term) or even desirable. The Coromandel Peninsula has a finite capacity to accept growth and our fine body of elected representatives would do well to think a little more strategically and consider some more radical or alternative visions for our future. Here's a thought - how about thinking beyond one or two election cycles?
More cycle trails, great walks, ferry terminals, and tourist infrastructure that fill the Peninsula full of motor homes and FIT visitors and assorted international and other tourists, bring other problems.
And how many marina's do we need? I am not overly happy with the thought that we prostitute ourselves for the leisure time pursuits of moneyed Aucklanders or very rich international tourists.

December 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterRussell

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