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District Licencing Committee

I enquired of Laurna White as to the membership of the District Licencing Committee decided in Public Excluded on 27 November and received the following:

 Hi Bill

Council was looking at the final selection of members to the District Licencing Committee.

The Committee consists of 6 members plus the Mayor and now can be officially announced. We will be putting out a press release with further details shortly.

Glen Leach

Tony Fox

Tony Brljevich

Peter French (Deputy Chair)

Alan Vane (Chair). Mr Vane owns a property at Hahei and is a lawyer

Dorothy Wakeling. Mrs Wakeling owns a property in the Coromandel and is an independent commissioner in environmental planning.

Brent Holmes.  Is a Coromandel resident and a former police inspector with 35 years

The Committee takes effect from December 15 and will have its first hearings early next year. These meetings will be held in Thames and will be publically notified.

The membership is interesting - I have it on good authority that Ms Hoadley was a candidate for the Chairmanship, but withdrew and has subsequently been appointed chair of an Auckland Committee.

The fact that both Leach and French have been appointed as Council representatives is staggering - you would have thought that they had better things to do with their time, but obviously they consider this an important role.

Alan Vane works for a law firm in Taupo and appears to have had considerable experience in local government legal matters. This Committee comes under the purview of Marion Smith - it will be interesting to see if he has a connection with Ruapehu Council.



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