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CFO Audit Committee 'Correction'. 

Well that is now cleared up with the receipt of the following from Ben Day this morning:

Hi Bill,

I wanted to confirm to you that Steve Baker is not a member of the Audit Committee. The Governance Support Team made an error on the website. Steve Baker is the lead staff member in charge of managing the committee and is not a member.

Apologies for the mistake.

Kindest regards,

Ben Day 

I will not ask the obvious question as to just how such a mistake may have occurred, nor indicate why I was not at all suprised to see the 'appointment' had been made in the first place. It does reveal slackness in the governance area, and failure within the Office of the AG to actually follow up anything in the twelve days they took to deal with the matter.




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Reader Comments (2)

Oh dear - caught with their pants down - bet they are thankful they can pass the blame on to the Governance team!
Auditor General needs to rethink her position - gutless would be a simple word that quickly comes to mind or just does not know the LGA in its current form .
I agree Bill -2014-15 will be the come-uppance year - and we will all suffer for the errant ways that the current Council has acted over the past 3 years. No longer will they be able to play the blame game on the 'previous council card'!

January 1, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterFlushed

Would not have happened on Lynlee's watch. Another example of what happens when you get rid of corporate knowledge.

January 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterInsider

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