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Roll on 2014

I don't care to mark occasions other than elections - this is basically a local political and 'events' blog, and I see no reason to clog up readers phones and other devices  with irrelevant and/or humorous vignettes.

But I cannot let the year pass without making reference to one of the best columns (in my opinion!) of the year - Bob Jones's 'Wanganui Chronicle' 3 December effort on 'searching for offence'. We are world champions at taking offence, that is for sure.  

The story about David Lange and the pompous Pommie admiral takes the biscuit - imagine for a moment what he told Maggie T. when he got home "The man is a fool - he did not recognise me, and gave offence to the uniform of Her Majesty - half-a-crown indeed!"

We do really need to have a laugh at ourselves occasionally. Poor old Glenn does take himself terribly seriously, and poses outrageously while doing it. His repeat performances of self important pomposity during almost every Council meeting is ignominiously ignored by almost everyone in the room, but many visitors are left speechless, and I have had to calm more than one in the corridor who have expressed themselves in incredulous terms. 

May 2014 get off on the right footing, and Glenn forgive me for the perceived insults directed at him during 2013 - his frequent snide asides give the lie to his avowed 'non-reading' of the blog. I promise in return to be more respectful, but not necessarily appreciative of his policies, several of which will come home to bite before too long if I am not mistaken. 

His band of acolytes needs to become a little more sceptical, and inquisitive - staff are professional and competent in the main, but they are not infallible, and they do bend over backwards to please - sometimes to the long term disadvantage of rate-payers. Everyone needs to remain vigilant as we enter the brave new world of mayoral-centred power in local government. 

A happy New Year to every reader of this blog (including Glenn!) - may the New Year be prosperous for all, and that we all enjoy good health - what more can we ask? Drive carefully and stay safe. 




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