WRC Commitees Appointed
Thursday, December 5, 2013 at 9:38AM
Bill Barclay

The membership of the standing and other committees was announced a couple of days ago - I missed it in the Waikato Times, so I expect it is now 'old' news.

Nevertheless - here is the Press Release:

Note the very important appointment of Clyde Graf to the Strategy and Policy Committee, chaired by Bob Simcock, and more significant as far as we are concerned, his appointment as Chair of the Environmental Performance Committee, where he will have a very powerful influence on a likely early decision regarding the removal of 1080 from the Council's armoury of pest control methods.

The manner in which the anti-1080 coalition has quietly/(loudly!), but democratically penetrated the Council in their fight to remove this product - regarded by many as indispensible, has barely registered in certain quarters I suspect. The TB Control Board will be having kittens at this point as they begin to realise just how close we are to a decision to remove their major method of control.

The long term effects on the dairy industry are claimed to be over-stated by the anti 1080 lot, but there is no convincing evidence that this is the case, and the Department of Primary Industry should be taking a very close interest in what is going on.

Note the comment by Tony Brljevich in the Mayoral Comments post below about a meeting of the all the parties at Kauaeranga to discuss "alternatives" to 1080.  I suspect that there is no going back now - the majority are about to be side-lined through some very clever strategising.




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