TCB Draft Board Plan 2014/15
Friday, December 6, 2013 at 3:24PM
Bill Barclay

The Board will be considering its draft plan for 2014/15 on Monday.

It is laid out better than in the past, but clearly there are some hard decisions to be made arising out of the extraordinary state of the Council's finances - and many of the 'dream' projects have been pushed to the 'back-burner', including most of the Thames Urban Strategy. They are all outlined once more, but rather by way of 'lip service' rather than actual plans. It does not seem that the projects surrounding the Grahamstown Precinct are much further advanced, and that is understandable - and other 'pet' projects like the Skate Park have fallen back into a year. The Urban Plan is now referred to as a '30 Year Concept' - and that is somewhat of a relief.

What does appear imminent is discussions with Transport New Zealand in order to advance the controversial three traffic light strategy on Queen Street - Grey, Mary and Cochrane. It is to be profoundly hoped that TNZ find the proposals as ludicrous as the vast majority of residents - if they don't believe me, then conduct a referendum. Actually, it is highly unlikely that TNZ will agree will such an impediment to traffic - they are after all charged with improving traffic, not impeding it.

The Dry Court Facility that has caused so much angst, does not get much of a mention in 2014/15 Plan -it is covered in another paper on sports facilities generally. But the swimming pool ("Aquatic Centre") at last gets the prominence it deserves . The only other planned sports facility included is the renewal of the Rhodes Park Grandstand, and because of the assured contribution by the sports clubs concerned that is certainly the only one that should be there - it gets funding in 2014/15.

All the other projects - footpaths etc. appear to be as have been on the books for some time, but allocations have been severely cut back. Likewise the District Waters projects appear to be either unchanged or delayed.

Altogether there is not a great deal to note otherwise in the document, but it is still worth a read, if only because of the much improved layout.




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