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Request for Information

On 22 January I put in the following request to Ben Day:

 Hi Ben – a question about MBSC                                                                                                   Could you please advise me a) the names of individuals or companies that have obtained landscaping, or similar contracts related to theSports Complex.

b) the amounts involved, and c) the shareholders of any companies involved, if known.
Sorry to be a nuisance – obviously I am following up a report that may turn out to be a complete furfy..

Today, and after several reminders, and asurances that that the material was being "assembled", I recieved the following from Paul Davies - Legal Counsel:

                                                                                                                                                    Good afternoon Mr Barclay

Further to your email to Ben Day of 22 January where you requested certain information relating to the Mercury Bay Sports Centre, (I attach a copy for your reference).

I apologise for the delay in responding, but can advise that in response to a number of requests for similar information Council has decided to release the attached spread sheet.  It provides the names of all individuals and entities that have provided good and/or services to the project and the amounts paid to them.

Should you have any further queries please feel free to contact me.


Paul Davies                                                                                                                                        Legal Counsel 

If that response fulfils the requirements of the Act, then I am a monkeys uncle. Presumably, it means that they have no knowledge of the shareholders  of the companies involved in the landscaping or similar contracts. It is inconceivable that that is the case - after two months of "assembling information". Sorry, not good enough Mr Davies. Clearly the team that is currently undertaking the investigations within TCDC will be as interested as I in the names I have requested, depending on the effort that they may have taken to hide their identity.

The information I received was of a highly compromising nature, and involved members of staff and their families who may be involved in providing Council contracting services contrary to their employment conditions. Conflict of interest is the leasat of it - landscaping and associated services  are a particular interest.

Given the reluctance to supply me with the information, I will commence my own company search in the morning and advise the results ASAP. 

This is the list Mr Davies provided. If anyone is able to throw any light on this list, please contribute a comment, but only if your information is able to be backed up.

Airey Consultants Ltd 93,249.44

BNZ (Visa) 617.15

Brookfields 12,063.50

Cervadon Limited 119,700.00

Coastal Crane Hire Limited 508.7

Curnow Tizard Ltd 11,708.24

Deloitte 13,688.25

Deva Sports Limited 460

DH Contract Services 247.5

Evans Group Ltd 7,826.09

EZE Civil Engineering Consulta 43,272.00

Heavy Haulage & Contracting 507.5

HEB Construction Ltd 117,901.00

Heb Smithbridge Limited 33,754.76

Hill R J Laboratories Ltd 784

Hopper Construction Ltd 3722093.49

Hot Shot Sports Equipment Limi 6,940.00

Hydraulic Analysis Limited 7420

Jayal Enterprises Ltd 6,386.10

Latham Construction Ltd 1,779,845.69

LHT Limited 4,944.84

Locksmith & Security Services 1,129.04

Mayfield Sports Ltd 3,012.00

Mercury Bay Civil Design Ltd 101,541.00

Mercury Bay Design Ltd 66047.4

Mostly Coastal Landscaping 133,325.31

New Zealand Sports Turf Instit 5,412.25

Northpower 129,823.80

Opus International (Hamilton) 286,489.00

Peninsula Civil Limited 787.5

Planners Plus Limited 1857.4

Progressive Business Consultin 24,663.28

Sports Surface Consultants Ltd 8,512.00

Stewart Group Ltd 2,500.00

Studio of Urban Landscape 12,405.20 Limited 1,429.40

Thames-Coromandel District Cou 22,231.33

United Water International 3,858.46

Vugler L J 1505

Water Engineering Consultants 7,530.00

Westbury Law 335

Whitianga Waterways 17,777.26

Grand Total 6,816,089.88


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