Unitary Authority Redux
Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 4:02PM
Bill Barclay

Further to my post dated 13 March below, I made further enquires of David Hammond today regarding the current state of planning in regard to the proposed Coromandel Unitary Authority. This followed the very interesting debate on the post from various sources around the District, not the least that from Geoffrey Robinson who disputed my contention that the proposal was 'dead in the water' - a definite impression that we (Robert Jeffares and yours truely) gained at the meeting on 13 March. 

This was his reply:

"Hi, Bill the information gathering is proceeding. We are working with Regional Council on the money in and out, the services they do, the Regional contribution etc. Aim to have together by May for workshopping. Possible decision on whether to go to a next stage by June. Also looking at shared services at same time but strong reservations over the project design given best practice from overseas examples. David"

Well it is proceeding, but whether with the same degree of urgency or otherwise remains to be seen. I am still not convinced that the task is being approached with any level of confidence, but the "money in and out" situation will certainly be interesting. I will reserve judgement  on Geoffrey's contention that it is all hunky dory and on-track.  The shared services thing certainly looks 'off-track' as things stand, and as David says - the lack of transparency leaves a lot to be desired.




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